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What You should know before you create new website

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When Creating a website, we need to take care of the below points to make a better website. These are not the final list. But these are must. This I am writing based on my experience on web development. 

1. Domain: 

You need to choose a Domain name which  can be remembered by people very well. And also it has to be appropriate one. We need to select .com, .net, .in, .edu, .org wisely. We need to select it accordingly based on the purpose of the website. For example, if the website is for a organization like NGO or a spiritual organization we need to select .org. If it's for a business we can always go for .com. If it's for a educational institute we can go with .edu. You can search the available domain from any of the web hosting companies. 

2. Hosting:

You need to choose a appropriate hosting plan. Before we start developing the website only, we need to think who all are the audience of this website, what would be the size of the website. And what may be the bandwidth required. Also we need to be sure if we want a Windows hosting plan or Linux. Also you need to think of the technology you are going to use to develop the website. This is also a deciding factor to select the hosting plan. Based on all these factors, you need to select a Hosting plan which suites your need. Some examples who provide you the good hosting plans are: Nettigritty, GoDaddy, IndiaLinks, BigRock etc. I worked with all these providers. They have the best plans and good support as well.

3. Technology:

To develop the website, You need to decide what technology you are going to use. There are lot of technologies available in the market for the development of the websites. Some of the best technologies are: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Java Scripts, JSP, etc. We can use core PHP or the PHP frameworks such as Laravel. Also we can use the database driven websites using the databases such as MySQL, PostgresSQL, MSAccess, Microsoft databases etc. We can also use the ready made content management Systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc. 

All seems good. You can select the technology based on your requirements. I used core php-mysql combination for some of the websites such as . And I used the CMSes such as Joomla and workpress for some of the websites such as,, etc.

Technology is also a deciding factor to select the hosting plan. So we need to select the appropriate technology as mentioned above

4. Purpose: 

Before start to develop the website, you need to know the purpose of this website. Is this website for a business, or a company, or for a e-commerce or for a charitable trust, or for a spiritual organization or for a educational institution etc.  The purpose of the website is also a deciding factor for selecting the domain name, color and layout of the website. 

5. Lay Out, Color Selection And Attractive Design:

Based on the purpose of the website, we need to select the layout, template and the color of the website. Color effects, Feel of the website, menu type etc depends on the purpose of the website. And the selection of layout, color and feel of the website has more affect on the website. So we have to be very careful while selecting the layout and color of the website. Eg: If we are creating a website related to agriculture we should not put red color. We prefer to use Green. 

Web site should have attractive design. It should be simple but professional. The controls like buttons, edit boxes etc used in the website should be eye catching. Try using bright colors like orange or yellow for the controls like buttons. Background of the site should be clean and colorful look. Or you can even go for pattern background. Choose the images carefully. If they are part of carousel, you have to be extra careful. Images will create the lasting experience for everyone so you want it to be good and memorable. 

6. Site Map: 

Once we decide the purpose, layout and the colors of the website, we need to decide on the sitemap and the flowchart for the website. This is very much essential similar to our layout and color selection. You need to have a clear site map which has the easy and and correct page transitions. User can easily find what they are looking for. That's easy Navigation. 

7.  Content:

Content is very much essential for the website. You have to provide good and informative content to the users. Target certain keywords to rank the site high on search engines. The type of contents like language, images, video etc you use in the site has the influence on the loading of the site. So you need to use the appropriate content so that site loads faster. 

8. Audience: 

You need to know the audience of the website then you can build the contents that attract them. Also the design of the website should depend on the audience as well.

9. Unique and Fresh:

Website should be unique. It should stand out from other websites. You need to keep the website fresh by continuously updating the website. You can update the contents, looks etc up to date to keep the visitors coming back.

10. Optimized and Cross browser friendly:

Website should be optimized for the search engine friendly. It should be easy to find in the search engine. And the website should be developed in such a way that it should be able to be viewed properly in all types of modern browsers.
11. Screen Resolution:

Earlier the width of the website use to be kept 980px. But now a days responsive web design is getting popular. Website should be designed in such  a way that it should be adaptable to any screen sizes like Mobiles, tablets, big monitors etc.

12. Social Media:

Now a days it's the era of social media so it's very much necessary to integrate the social media with your website so that users/visitors should be able to share the website, contents of the website etc with the social media.

These are the minimum things we can think of before we start developing the website. there are still lot of stuff like, security of the website, tracking of the website, that includes even the statistics of the usage, Footer of the website, typography, advertises, popups etc. these are not so important as the above list. But security is one more thing which can be added o the above list. But now a days if we are using the hosting plan in the service provider, they take care of it from the server perspective. 

Thats's it. Thanks for reading.

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