Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kundali Match Android Application

Greeting of the Day!!!

Some days back, When I went to a temple somebody was asking to the priest to get match their son's and his would be's Kundali. I was just watching what he would do.

He asked about the Gotra, Raashi, Nakshtra, Charana and Naadi of the bride and groom. Then he opened a table from the Panchanga and told the result. He told it's just the basic Kundali Matching and it's not detail. Then I got it how he does it and the result is our Android Kundali Match app.

It's so simple to do it. Please note it's just the basic. We do not check the Mangalik and other doshas. We check here how many number of characters match based on the Groom's and bride's Raashi/Nakshatra details.

In our SRSM Pachanga, we have a table which tells you the number of characters that match based on the Rashi and Nakshatra of Groom and Bride. And it tells if the Characters are less that 17, it's not good. If the Characters are more that 17 and less that 33, It's good. If it's more than 33 it's very very Good.

Based on this info I have a back end Sqlite database which contains this table. And fro the front end I get the information about Gotra, Raashi, Nakshtra and Nadi of Bride and Groom. And then I get the characters from the table for respective Raashi, Nakshatra details. And then I show the result based on the characters Match. This is just the intial basic check. For the more detailed Kundali match you can visit to a astrologer.

Here are the screen shots of the app. And you can download it from the Google play. Kundali match

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