Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How disable the “Help” Menu in Joomla administrator

The default installation of Joomla comes with a "Help" menu. It has the links to important Joomla resources. We were using Joomla as a cms for one of the web tool we were developing for our client. In that tool, there were three levels of users were there. 
             1. User 
             2. Manager 
             3. Administrator.

Though the help menu holds links to important Joomla resources, they can also be an unnecessary distraction. Hence we wanted to disable the Help menu in all the three users. So this can be achieved by following the below steps:

1. Login to Joomla as a administrator.
2. Open Module Manager under Extentions


3. In the Modules, first change the filter to show Administrator modules instead of Site modules


4. Now look for Admin menu module


5. Select this Admin menu module and click on Advanced tab

6. Go to Help menu option


7. Instead of Show option click on Hide button


8. Now click on Save and close option on top.

9. Now you can see that Help menu is disabled fro the main menu.


That's it. Happy coding.

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