Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sudoku Game Development in Android

Greetings of the Day!!!

When I was learning Android, I thought of developing a game. The easiest was a Sudoku game. And when I was reading an android book I saw a basic example of the game and thought of using it and building on top of it. So I started it and completed it for a single game. But I did not share it with anybody. When I was cleaning up the things today I saw that game and thought of sharing it.

But instead of single game, I thought I will add the  levels as Easy, Medium and Hard. And in each level I added some games and when we select to play any level, it should randomly pick the game and present it to the user to play. And also I made it to remember the game even if we leave it in the mid way. So that we can continue to play the same game later. There is a "Settings" option where you can set the game to show the hints and to play the music. It's done as the shared preferences so that it remembers the settings even if the application is closed. It opens up with the previous settings.

Below are some screen shots of the application. You can download the game from google play at:

Sudoku Game


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