Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Android Application- Kids App uploaded to Google Play Store

I was trying to develop an android app for my son which will help him to learn the alphabets. I thought it may be helpful to others also so sharing it in google play - Kids Application .
This is just a draft version and we are planning for more features.

Kids App is a text to speech and image view based project. This application is having its own database, in which I have saved the images, alphabets, words and the pronunciations. As of now I have just added two languages to pronounce and two options to operate this application. 
The languages I have added now are :

                                               1. English
                                               2. Kannada             
We are going to enhance it for other languages also. 

And the two operations are

                                                1. Manual
                                                2. Auto

This application also includes the configuration in settings. In this, user can give images from the camera or the gallery according to his wish. Also user can set the word and the pronunciation data. The whole data will be stored in the database until and unless user selects to set the default data. The core part of code is written in Java, while the GUI is developed using XML.

Once you open the application, the logo of the company is shown as the splash screen. And then the user is asked to select mode and language as below:


You can select English Language and Manual Mode, You will see the below screen:

You can press any alphabets, application shows the word for it with the respective image and also it pronounces the word (text to speech): For eg: A for Apple. Look at the below image:

It has numbers also for the pronunciation and view as below:

The best part of this application is user can configure his own word, image and pronunciation for the alphabets. For Example, if user's son's name is  Krishna, he can set the this name, his image and pronunciation for Letter K.  For that user has to click on menu button in the above screen and select configure :


User can set it. And henceforth if user click on that set alphabet, user gets the configured image, word and pronunciation.  Anytime, user can change them. If user wants to set them to default, he can click on the "SetDefault" so that user get the default words, images and pronunciation.

If user select the mode as "Auto", application automatically walks through all the alphabets and numbers without user selections of any buttons.

Similarly user can use other languages also. Now we have added it for Kannada only. Later we will add for other languages

Same operations as in English,  can be done for Kannada also:


We have plans to add lot of other features to it. Keep watching this for more updates
You can download it from google play: Kids App

 Kids app

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